About Us

For Nurses, By Nurses

Georgia Berton graduated from Connors State College in the Spring of 2006. Shortly afterwards she received her licensure as a Registered Nurse. Since entering the workforce, Georgia has worked in several areas of nursing including med/surg, hospice, ICU, wound care, geriatrics and currently functions as an RN Clinical Supervisor at a Home Health Company in Oklahoma.

One thing that has made an impression on Georgia throughout the years is the bond between nurses. Georgia has expressed that no one else understands the highs and the lows, the sheer exhaustion, frustration and satisfaction that the nursing profession brings as well as other nurses. She feels that there is a bond that ties all nurses together and that they are a special breed of people that'll give everything they have and then some.

Georgia’s husband Chris was looking online last year for a “nursing” gift for her birthday. He soon realized that although there are a lot of sites that sell a few nursing items here and there, there wasn’t really a place online dedicated to just nurses. With him working in the web design/digital marketing field the idea of Knick Knack Nurse was born.

Knick Knack Nurse strives to be a place where nurses and those who love them can come and find unique items to celebrate their chosen profession. In the future we will give the opportunity for vendors to offer a wide variety of items aimed… you guessed it.. towards nurses. Thank you for visiting , be sure to connect with us on social media so we can update you as we grow.